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Traditional Black and White lab, same technician for 30 years! 

 We process and print 35 mm and 120 film using enlargers and Ilford chemicals and papers. All are hand done and carefully printed.



$5.00 per roll for film processing. 3x5 or 4x5 prints $3.00 each, 5x7 $6.00 , 8x10 $10.00, 11x14 $20.00, 16x20 $40.00, Chemical sepia toning double price. CD $5.95. 


C41 Color Print Film Process

C41 color print film Process and 4×6 print on Kodak Royal Premium silver halide paper, matte or glossy, for better color range and durability $ 2.00 plus .34 per print, usually about $10 per 24 exposure roll, add a CD for $5.95 or process only with CD $9.95.


Process C41 film only $3.00 per roll Reprint 35 mm negatives from b&w or color negatives .45 each 4×6, 120 negatives .99 ea. for 4" prints, 120 can be 4×4, 4×5, 4×6 depending on format.


We do not accept negatives on masking cards from pro labs, they must be removed from the tape before the order can begin. We can scan 35 mm films to CD for $5.00 for the first strip of 5 or 6, then on the same order, $1.00 per strip thereafter. 120 negatives $5.00 for the first strip of 2 to 4, + $2.00 per strip thereafter on the same order. Again, 120 negatives must be cleanly removed from pro lab print cards.


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